WorldThe European Medicines Agency has approved the Valneva vaccine...

The European Medicines Agency has approved the Valneva vaccine against Covid


The European Medicines Agency this Thursday approved the vaccine against covid-19 produced by the Franco-Austrian laboratory Valneva, becoming the sixth vaccine against covid recommended for adults in 27 EU countries.

Valneva, a company based in Nantes, France, is developing a vaccine that contains the inactivated virus, traditionally considered a messenger RNA-based vaccine. This is one of the company’s arguments, as the vaccine can convince people who have not yet received it.

The European regulator said in a statement that “the European Medicines Agency has recommended that marketing authorization for the Valneva vaccine be granted to people between 18 and 50 years of age.” “After a thorough assessment, the European Medicines Agency’s Human Consumables Committee unanimously concluded that the vaccine data was robust and in line with EU standards for efficacy, safety and quality,” he added.

Valneva failed due to the vaccine. In September 2021, the British government terminated the contract after ordering 100 million doses, leaving the company frustrated and the stock price plummeting.

In May, the EU, with which Valneva agreed to buy 60 million doses by 2023, indicated that it intended to cancel the order in the context of significant global production.

In response, Valneva proposed a plan to try to resolve the situation in an acceptable way, which will likely be considered by the European Commission.

And last Friday, the lab asked European countries to increase demand for its vaccine so it could keep the contract.

Another five vaccines are approved in the EU: messenger RNA vaccines from the US companies Pfizer and Moderna, the Swedish-British laboratory AstraZeneca and the US competitor Johnson & Johnson, which use the viral vector and Novavax.

Source: EuroNews


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