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Post: Russian Ambassador to Yerevan noted the relevance of the issue of the fight against Nazism


Nuremberg Trials. Former leaders of Nazi Germany at the pier. Archive photo

Ambassador of Armenia Kopirkin: showed that the topic of life, Nazism and evil is still up to date

YEREVAN, 24 June – RIA Novosti. Russian Ambassador to Armenia Sergey Kopyrkin said at the congress of the Armenian Veterans Association held on Friday, that the issue of the fight against Nazism remains topical.

He noted that the Congress was held at a symbolic time: the 77th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War was recently celebrated, the day before yesterday was the Day of Commemoration and Sorrow, and today we all remember the first Victory parade. Red Square in 1945.

According to Kopyrkin, it is now important to remember the above-mentioned events in order to resist attempts to falsify history, to deny the crimes committed by the Nazis, and to belittle the achievements of the Soviet people in saving the world from defeat. plague.

As quoted by the press service of Ambassador Rossotrudnichestvo, he said, “Unfortunately, the struggle of the Soviet people 80 years ago did not end. Life shows that the theme of Nazism and the evils we were fighting at that time remain current.” Armenian representation.

Kopyrkin also noted that “the link between times and generations, the success of fathers, grandfathers and the present generation,” was when the Russian armed forces carried out a special military operation in Ukraine, the purpose of which was de-Nazis. particularly clearly visible.”

“The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Armenia greatly appreciates the work of the Veterans Association and the organization’s contribution to preserving the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War. We also appreciate your efforts to preserve and develop ties between veterans. Organizations in the post-Soviet space. Here CIS Senior The existence of the leadership of the Coordinating Council of Organizations is proof of this,” Kopyrkin added.

In turn, the Chairman of the Coordinating Council of CIS Veterans Organizations, Colonel General Vasily Volkov, emphasized the important role of veterans organizations in preserving the memory and patriotic education of youth.

“Today, the Veterans Organization of the Republic of Armenia is a powerful public organization that has several hundred city and regional councils in its ranks. The authority of the veterans organization in Armenia is so great that it sometimes speaks quietly, but it is. The Armenian Veterans Association, which is an integral part of the International CIS Veterans Association, plays one of the key roles in this.”

The congress was held on the grounds of the Moscow cultural and business center “Moscow House” in Yerevan. The meeting was attended by the Russian military attaché in Armenia, Igor Shcherbakov, representatives of the Russian House in Yerevan, diplomats of the Belarusian Embassy in Armenia, representatives of the Armenian Ministry of Defense, the Armenian Ministry of Social Security and Labor, and veterans.

Source: Ria

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