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Post: Poland asks Russia for clarification on removing flags in Katyn and Medny


Memorial complex “Katyn” in the Smolensk region. archive photo

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister: Consul addressed the situation with the raising of the flags in Katyn and Medny

WARSAW, 25 June – RIA Novosti. Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz told Polish Radio that the Polish consul in Smolensk discussed the situation with the removal of republican flags from the “Katyn” and “Copper” memorial complexes.

Previously, the memorial complexes “Katyn” in the Smolensk region and “Copper” in Tverskaya raised the Polish flags, which were previously adjacent to the Russian tricolor. Irina Velikanova, Director of the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, told RIA Novosti that in the current conditions of relations between Warsaw and Moscow, the placement of state symbols of Poland on the territory of Russian monuments is inappropriate, but the museum itself does not comfort. Responsibility for the care of Polish burials. He declared that in the 1994 Intergovernmental Agreement of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Poland, the issue of the placement of the national flag of Poland on the “Katyn” and “Copper” memorial complexes was not stipulated in any way, therefore there were no conditions. Legal reasons for placing the flag.

“The reaction has already begun. The Polish consul went to the cemetery in Katyn and confirmed the removal of the flag from the monument and sought explanations for such actions from the Russian authorities who manage this area,” Przydach said. Said.

He added that the decision to remove Polish flags “shows that it was not taken by Poland and shows that there is no civilized approach to the memory of the dead”.

The “Katyn affair” complicated relations between Warsaw and Moscow for many years. Warsaw believes that the killing of Polish officers was the work of the NKVD of the USSR, the Polish authorities described this execution as genocide. In the USSR, a criminal case was opened in 1990 regarding the discovery of mass graves of the remains of Polish soldiers, and in 2004 the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office of the Russian Federation closed the case for the death of those responsible.

From the point of view of some Russian historians, the executions in Katyn were carried out by the Nazis, and the “Katyn case” was a provocation by the secret services of the Third Reich, who wanted to divide the ranks. To Poland, where the anti-Hitler coalition and the Red Army need to reach the German border, they present this as Moscow atrocities.

Historians also point to inconsistencies in the evidence base on which Warsaw is based. As Russian experts explain, versions of the “Katyn tragedy” are contradictory because most of the sources on these events are still classified and not in free scientific circulation. The Russian Federation also notes that the current approach to addressing the “Katyn case” does not meet the principles of objectivity and historicism, and this should be seen as one of the aspects of the information and propaganda campaign to take responsibility for the liberation of the USSR. World War II

Source: Ria

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