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Post: Ushakov comments on Draghi’s remarks about excluding Putin’s presence in the G20


Before the G20 summit begins. Archive photo

Vice President Ushakov: Draghi can forget he is no longer the head of the G20

MOSCOW, June 28 – RIA Novosti. Russian Vice President Yuri Ushakov said at the press conference that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s question about the way he participated in the G20 summit in Indonesia stemmed from the fact that the Russian side received the invitation to the summit and Moscow responded to it. During the meeting, comments were made on Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s statement that Indonesian President Joko Widodo had excluded the Russian leader from coming to the summit in Indonesia.

“Invitation received, we answered,” said Ushakov. To a clarifying question about whether Russia was acting from this in this matter, he replied “Of course”.

Ushakov was also surprised why Draghi made such a statement. Recalling that Italy was the former president of the G20, Ushakov joked, “He must have forgotten that he is no longer president. It probably came out of inertia.”

Earlier, Russian vice president Yuri Ushakov said that Vladimir Putin accepted the invitation of Indonesian leader Joko Widodo to attend the G20 summit, which will be held in Bali on November 15-16. At the same time, Ushakov noted that the form of Putin’s participation will be determined in the near future.

Source: Ria

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