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Post: Monument to poet and state security agent of the Lithuanian SSR desecrated in Vilnius


Monument to the Lithuanian poet Kostas Kubilinskas in Vilnius. archive photo

Monument to poet and state security agent of the Lithuanian SSR Kubilinskas desecrated in Vilnius

MOSCOW, July 4 – RIA Novosti. The monument to the poet and state security agent of the Lithuanian SSR, Kostas Kubilinskas, at the Antakalnis cemetery in Vilnius has been painted red, the Lithuanian Police Department reported in a daily summary of events.

“A monument to Kostas Kubilinskas, painted with red paint, was seen at the Antakalnis cemetery in Vilnius. The material was collected according to the first part of article 187 of the Lithuanian Criminal Code (damage or destruction of someone else’s property),” the report says.

Kostas Kubilinskas – Lithuanian children’s poet, translator into Lithuanian of the works of Alexander Pushkin, Korney Chukovsky, Samuil Marshak. In 1946 he was recruited by the state security agencies of the Lithuanian SSR. Dzukia participated in the purge of the leader of the “forest brothers” in Benediktas Labenskas and other anti-Soviet resistance cells. She was buried in the Antakalnis cemetery.

In the Antakalnis Military Monument, created in 1951, more than three thousand soldiers of the 3rd Byelorussian Front, who fell in the battles for the liberation of Vilnius in the summer of 1944, are buried. In total, more than 80 thousand Soviet soldiers who gave their lives in the fight against fascism are buried in the Baltic Republic.

Cases of vandalism to Soviet monuments became more frequent after the start of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. Commenting on the situation regarding the monuments of Soviet soldiers in Latvia and Lithuania, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the events as an “international disgrace”.

Source: Ria

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