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Post: The Ministry of Interior has created guidelines to identify students planning attacks on schools.


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The Ministry of Interior has created guidelines for teachers to detect students planning attacks on schools.

MOSCOW, July 6 – RIA Novosti. Ministry spokeswoman Maria Koltsova said that the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has developed criteria for evaluating students who are planning attacks on teachers and the administration of educational institutions.

“In July we will send out evaluation criteria to identify minors who are planning such attacks… We are talking about a quiet, secret, secret story. When a child offended by a teacher or experiencing interpersonal conflicts commits such a crime. Our scientific community is working with the Ministry of Interior to meet such criteria. We worked on it, the Research Committee was involved, the Lomonosov Moscow State University was involved. We will try to ensure that they (criteria) are implemented, and first of all, they can be used not only by employees of the internal affairs bodies, but also by the management of educational institutions and teachers, “he said.

He explained that the police are actively working with those registered with the juveniles’ branch, and they see “certain deviations” in such cases. Koltsova noted that of the 109,000 currently enrolled, specifically 70% are school students.

In Kazan, on May 11, 2021, the largest massacre at a school in Russia has taken place in recent times: According to investigators, 19-year-old Ilnaz Galyaviev killed seven children with an explosion and shooting in gymnasium 175. and two teachers, 24 more injured. On the morning of September 20, first-year student Timur Bekmansurov opened fire on the Perm State National Research University. Six people were killed and more than 40 injured. In December, on the territory of the monastery in Serpukhov, Vladislav Struzhenkov detonated a makeshift device near the Orthodox gymnasium, where he previously studied. As the investigation believed, the young man who planned the massacre had his leg blown off, 10 people were injured. In April 2022, two children and a teacher were killed and a teacher’s assistant was injured as a result of an armed attack on a kindergarten in the Ulyanovsk region.

Source: Ria

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