World“All Putin”: They told how Biden destroyed his own...

“All Putin”: They told how Biden destroyed his own country in the USA


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US President Joe Biden. Archive photo

Fox News reporter Carlson: Biden’s policy is responsible for US gas prices, not Putin

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MOSCOW, July 7 – RIA Novosti. The price of gasoline, one of the foundations of American well-being, has risen not because of Vladimir Putin, whom the American leader is trying to blame, but because of the policies of US President Joe Biden. declaration At Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson.

“Oil and gas are critical resources for civilization for the foreseeable future, and there is absolutely no way to change that. That should be good news for America because there is plenty here in the United States. We are rich because we are rich in natural resources. <...> But suddenly, for some reason, there was a shortage of food and energy in the United States, and so prices went up. <...> How can this be? <...> Joe Biden made his statement,” Carlson said.

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The journalist reminded that the US president blamed Putin for the increase in prices.

The Observer said, “It’s just a shame. Overall, it’s just amazing and in this case dangerous. And no one believes a word, because it’s an outright lie.”

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He cited data from a study by GasBuddy that showed the price of fuel rose 66 percent from November 2020 to November 2021 – long before the Russian special operation began. According to the journalist, this is due to the cancellation of oil pipeline projects, the refusal to lease areas for gas production and the return of States to the Paris climate agreement, from which previous President Donald Trump withdrew. The expert explained that all this was done for the sake of green energy.

“Joe Biden started shouting ‘These are Putin’s prices, Putin did it’. But that’s so stupid! It’s so blatantly wrong that no one believed it – even those who wanted to believe, even those who voted for Biden, who wanted windmills and solar plants. they couldn’t believe it because that’s bullshit,” Carlson said.

He recalled that on March 31, the American leader had ordered every day for six months to extract oil from the country’s strategic reserves. According to the journalist, this is the worst thing Biden can do in the year of the House elections.

“What Biden can do is produce more oil on our soil. But that would be very easy, very good for the United States in the long run. Instead, he decided to do something so crazy and dangerous that he’d intentionally want to do harm.” States, I could only think of that,” the observer lamented.

Gasoline prices in the US hit record highs in March, renewing their historic highs again in May, and fully exceeding five dollars per gallon in June. Due to rising fuel prices, Americans are more likely to steal gasoline.

To keep prices down, States began extracting one million barrels a day from the strategic reserve at Biden’s decision and will continue to do so until October. American also regularly urges gas station owners to lower gas prices. But diesel fuel costs around five dollars a gallon, and oil futures are over a hundred dollars a barrel. Despite this, US officials say prices could be higher without the release of oil from strategic reserves.

Biden has repeatedly linked the economic crisis in the country with the aggravation of the conflict in Ukraine. He described high inflation in the US as “Putin’s rise in prices.” Commenting on his words, the President of Russia noted that such statements are intended for illiterate people. Putin reminded that the problems with food and fuel are the result of systematic mistakes of the administration in Washington and the European bureaucracy.

Source: Ria

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