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Post: In Iran, three cafes were closed to serve women without veils.


According to a local newspaper, Iranian authorities closed three cafes in the holy city of Qom because the women did not wear veils. The Revolutionary Guards said in a statement published in Hamshahri, a municipal newspaper in Tehran, that “three cafes in Qom were closed due to many violations (of the laws), especially women not wearing veils. “The police summoned the owners of the cafes before starting legal proceedings,” adds the newspaper.

The holy city of Qom is located 150 kilometers south of the capital, Tehran.

Iran requires women to wear the veil, which covers their hair and neck, under Islamic law that has been in place since the 1979 Islamic revolution. But in the past two decades, many Iranian women have grown accustomed to crossing strict boundaries. veil back. showing off her hair, especially in Tehran and other big cities.

In late June, police arrested several teenage girls in the southern city of Shiraz for removing their mandatory veils during a sporting event, as well as some of the event’s organizers, Iranian media reported.

Source: EuroNews

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