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Post: Great Britain.. 800 flights were canceled due to lack of crew


British Airways has cut about 800 extra flights from its summer schedule as the company tries to reduce last-minute cancellations amid persistent crew shortages and long lines at airports, Bloomberg News reported.

The cancellations, along with the nearly 8,000 flight cancellations announced last May, mean the IAGSA division has reduced its flight schedule by 11% through October.

The move follows the UK’s decision to scrap rules that require airlines to use or miss take-off and landing sites next season.

A British Airways spokesperson said in an email: “As the entire airline industry continues to face the most difficult period in its history, further cuts are unfortunately needed.”

It added: “We are reaching out to customers to apologize and allow them to rebook their airline tickets or give them a full refund.”

Source: Al Ittihad

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