Post: Russian Ambassador to Berlin identifies the best security guarantees for Ukraine

Sergey Nechaev, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Germany. Archive photo

Berlin Ambassador Nechaev: The best guarantee of security for Kyiv will be the refusal to supply arms

MOSCOW, July 7 – RIA Novosti. Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechaev commented on the German leadership’s statement that it is ready to give Ukraine security guarantees, declarationThere are no details yet on these statements, but the best guarantee would be no deliveries of lethal weapons to the Kyiv regime.

“What are the security guarantees? To whom will they be given? Under what conditions? In any case, if this step takes place, Germany will not accept it alone, the Germans will coordinate these so-called guarantees with other closest NATO allies and what they will not do independently,” the ambassador said in the broadcast of Rossiya 24 “So far, no details have been found that the chancellor was behind this statement,” he said.

“The best guarantees are not to deliver deadly spells to the Kyiv regime, from which they began to fire not only on the Donbass, but also on the Russian regions, Belgorod, Kursk, as you know, there are human losses, there are children. Dying there, it’s worth paying attention to. It goes without saying that this weapon has spread all over the world and entered the criminal circulation.

Source: Ria

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