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Post: Four years after the disaster, the trial of those responsible for the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Italy begins.


Local activists and relatives of those killed in the Morandi bridge collapse in Genoa, Italy, are preparing to participate in a July 7 trial at the city court to identify those responsible for the disaster.

The 200-meter-long Morand Bridge collapsed in mid-August 2018 due to heavy rains, causing dozens of trucks and cars to fall from a height of 50 meters, killing 43 people and only 14 survivors.

A small number of the deceased’s relatives rejected the compensation offered for the bridge road, the collapse of which also caused the closure of several businesses in the nearby neighborhood of Valpolicevera, which was badly hit by the incident. , because that road is the main artery of the Italian Riviera and the southern Italian coast of France.

In her statements, the head of the Morand Bridge Victims Committee, Igle Posset, points to the need to establish responsibility for this tragedy and to compensate the families of those who died and were affected by it.

“It is surprising that the Benetton family, the largest shareholder in the company that operates the road bridge, organized a barbecue (as previously planned) the day after the tragedy and did not postpone the party,” says Bossett, describing his behavior. . as “unacceptable”.

For his part, Rafael Caruso, lawyer for the victims of Ponte Morand, says: “I believe that our country is facing a critical test in relation to this disaster, not only from the point of view of the foreign community, but also from the point of view of the administration. . of Justice. After that, it is difficult for people to continue to believe in justice in our country.”

Source: EuroNews

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