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Biden says he will go to Saudi Arabia to ‘confront’ Russia


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President Joe Biden. archive photo

President Biden described his visit to Saudi Arabia as important in countering Russia and China.

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WASHINGTON, July 10 – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden proven The imperative of an upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia is that direct interaction with the kingdom is necessary to counter Russia and win the competition with China.

Ahead of his ill-fated trip, he wrote a column for The Washington Post in which he said, among other things, Saudi officials were working with the US administration to expand oil supplies to the world market and lower oil prices. .

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“My job as president is to keep our country strong and secure. We need to counter Russian aggression, be in the best position to win the competition with China, and work for greater stability in a key region of the world,” Biden said. said.

According to him, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that “can directly affect the results of such studies”.

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The US President described the purpose of the meeting with Saudi leaders, scheduled for Friday, as “strengthening and developing a strategic partnership based on shared interests and responsibilities while maintaining a commitment to core American values.”

Among the leaders Biden will meet with will be Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is suspected of involvement in the murder of dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the United States.

“With regard to Saudi Arabia, we canceled the old blank check policy. I published the intelligence report on the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, I applied new sanctions. It has enforced the visa ban 76 times as part of a new rule that prevents anyone caught harassing dissidents abroad from entering the United States.

Following the murder of Khashoggi, whose body was dismembered in 2018 at the Consulate General of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, sanctions were imposed on the crown prince’s circle by the US authorities. According to US intelligence agencies, Mohammed bin Salman knew about the murder and orders to the executioners could have come from him. Riyadh denies this.

Biden said that his aim from the beginning was to “redirect, not break” relations with a country that has been a strategic partner of the United States for 80 years. He noted Saudi Arabia’s contribution to the restoration of the unity of the six Arab monarchs, support for a ceasefire in Yemen, and “together with my experts and other OPEC producers to stabilize the oil markets.”

Biden will visit Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia on July 13-16 as part of his presidency’s first Middle East tour. He boasted that he would be the first American leader to fly directly from Israel to the Saudi city of Jeddah, where the Gulf Cooperation Council will meet. His predecessor, Donald Trump, was proud to be the first US president to fly from Saudi Arabia to Israel.

Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine on February 24. President Vladimir Putin described his goal as “protecting people who have been subjected to eight years of bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime.”

Source: Ria

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