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Post: ‘Rape drug’ could suffocate German chancellor’s career


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. archive photo

A kind of plague directly attacked the high-ranking friends of Ukraine. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just left the political arena. Soon after that, Kaja Kallas retired and took over the post of Prime Minister of Estonia from her father, a prominent member of the CPSU. And now the bell rang for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Well, like a bell. For now, it’s just a bell. But in his excitement there is something local, a kind of bad echo of the impending major scandal, which could do irreparable damage to the Chancellor’s reputation and possibly even lead to his resignation.

suddenly appeared (Such things always happen suddenly) On June 1, at the big traditional party of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, the so-called rape drug was mixed into the drinks of those present. This substance in small doses causes euphoria, in large doses – drowsiness, but its main property is that it completely erases the memory of what happened.

It’s obvious why bad people use it. Sexual predators no longer need to drink alcohol until the girls pass out, you can treat the victim with Coca-Cola – and voila. The “rape drug” gained popularity in America, from there the fashion migrated to Europe. In Berlin alone, 22 crimes using the substance were recorded in the past year, but police are sure there are many more rapes.

On June 1, traces of “rape drug” were found in the blood of a girl who attended an SPD party. She complained of headaches and memory loss while describing not drinking a drop of alcohol. The crime police took over. Investigators invite women attending the party to testify and undergo a toxicological examination. So far, it is believed that there have been eight victims. But considering there were about a thousand people hanging out there, there could have been a lot more of them.

It is surprising that this garbage is not found in a youth “registry” in a bad district of Berlin, but in a special event of the most respected, so to speak, columns of German politicians. In addition to Olaf Scholz, almost all the leading representatives of the SPD were present at the party.

However, we should not be surprised. The morals of the Western political elite exactly replicate those of the most corrupt urban gopota in recent times. Take the same Chris Pincher, whose adventures became the excuse for Boris Johnson’s resignation. After all, it was far from the first time she had drunkenly harassed men. Johnson was accused of covering up her boyfriend for years, despite all the complaints from the victims.

The list of Pincher’s adventures was published by the newspaper the other day. Guardian. It’s impressive enough. Nicknamed “Harvey Weinstein of the district court” by her victims – male colleagues she “massaged her neck” dragged them to parties and harassed her in every possible way, clearly taking advantage of her position as Johnson’s favourite.

And now here is a very inappropriate story among the Germans. Of course, there is nothing to cheer up here, this is a clinic. Dmitry Medvedev politely calls his Western politician friends “highlighted personalities.” The great psychiatrists of the past had politically incorrect but much more precise terms for this – “moral stupidity”, “moral psychopathy”.

In general, the collapse of the German politicum is a vivid, easily recognizable symptom of the decline of the West. The fall of the Roman Empire looked more or less the same. The German historian Theodor Mommsen describes the situation in Rome as follows: “Outically there was a deep gulf between the world of the rich and the world of the poor, but in essence both environments were very similar.” a complete decline in family life, we see the same propensity for laziness and the desire for affordable luxury, the most cowardly ineptitude to resist both misfortune and money. “Of course, it’s recognizable.

This party-related scandal, albeit falsely, is not the first in Olaf Scholz’s political career. Needless to say, he is very loved. As head of the Hamburg Ministry of the Interior, Scholz advocated giving the accused emetics during police interrogation – that is, in essence, he approved of torture. After becoming mayor of Hamburg, he dispersed the demonstrations of citizens with demonstrative sadism. As a public politician, he requested visas for all his interviews and put pressure on oppressed journalists in every possible way.

It goes without saying that his political trajectory also looks good. In his youth, Scholz, who had not yet lost his magnificent hair, considered himself a Marxist, was in close contact with the politicians of East Germany, and was strongly opposed to “NATO’s aggressive imperialist policy”. Today, as we see, almost the main “hawk” in the alliance.

had it and financial questions. In other countries it is called corruption, but in Europe, as we all know, there is “no corruption”. While Scholz was finance minister, he was indicted for failing to prevent Wirecard’s malicious bankruptcy that pocketed two billion euros.

While mayor of Hamburg, Scholz had a suspiciously long conversation with the management of the Warburg bank about the return of the forty million-euro budget that the bank owed as fines for another fraud, but which he clearly did not want to pay. . These negotiations are still shrouded in fog, Scholz claims he doesn’t remember anything about them.

Interestingly, Hamburg is the ancestral home of the legendary Warburg banking family, whose representatives worked successfully around the world throughout the 20th century, but, unlike the Rothschilds, avoided cheap fame. Eric Warburg, for example, founded an investment firm in the United States. This Warburg Pincus has been operating successfully so far, its capital exceeding $80 billion. By the way, one of its founders and directors was the father of the current US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

Eric’s son, Max Warburg, now owns the family’s Hamburg bank. Scholz became mayor of Hamburg.

However, the Germans more or less endured all these strange actions. The SPD party scandal is a different kind. This is really dirty business. Interestingly, the newspaper Tagesspiegel started promoting it. The billionaire fortune belongs to Dieter von Holzbrink, who was an active member of the Nazi Party and was started by his father, who promoted the publishing house with Hitler’s support.

Von Holzbrink is not just big money, it is, as they say, Germany’s old coin. His publishing house is one of the centers of the complex web of business, family and political ties that created the deep German state, the invisible Reich, so to speak. Politicians like Scholz are nothing more than temporary figures to them. And there is a feeling that the invisible Reich is accumulating questions to the Chancellor.

Germany is facing the worst winter since WWII. The Germans were officially told that the average annual electricity bill would be five thousand euros. Businesses are preparing for bankruptcies and mass layoffs. Citizens are preparing to eat less, not to wash, not to drown in apartments.

And all this is the result of the policy of Chancellor Scholz, who, on the one hand, sponsored the Reichskommissariat “Ukraine”, and on the other, sent anti-Russian sanctions in packages. If he were a normal, responsible politician, he would certainly try to slow down the suicidal inertia of the European Union. But no, Scholz is completely at the mercy of the British and American partners. Most of all, he fears that he will be enrolled in the “who understand Putin” camp. They are now the natural enemies of the German people. And now he laughs at the genocide of the Donbass people and continues to openly destroy Germany and the Germans.

As you can imagine, the real trick that the American masters promised the Germans was that Russia would not survive the economic war and would quickly disintegrate. The Reich will be ready, take gas, oil and land – plunder everything possible in the ruins. The Germans agreed to be patient.

But something went wrong. Russia has not collapsed and will not collapse. Ukraine continues to absorb billions of euros from the German treasury. Instead of free oil and gas – incredible prices for everything. The Invisible Reich pondered. Shouldn’t we delete the Reichskommissariat “Ukraine” from our accounts?

President Steinmeier spoke harshly to Zelensky and asked him to apologize for his rudeness. The hooligan Ukrainian ambassador was recalled from Berlin. It seems that Ukrainian partners began to be put in their place. However, this does not prevent the German economy from being thrown into the abyss in full swing.

Meanwhile, the Hamburg bankers who care about Scholz aren’t too good either. Max Warburg lost the case About the next scam in the German Constitutional Court. For many years, his bank has fined the federal treasury a total of ten billion euros by issuing multiple dividend tax returns to its customers. He was fined for this – but only 176 million.

The possibility of a drug-ridden party and scandalous criminal cases resembles the sword of Damocles, which the German elite hung on Chancellor Scholz. Will it teach him anything?

Source: Ria

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