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Post: New York government releases nuclear strike guide


New York. archive photo

The New York City Department of Emergencies has issued a guideline in the event of a nuclear attack on the city.

UN, 12 July – RIA Novosti. The New York City Department of Emergency Management has released a video advising New Yorkers to take shelter in their homes and close windows and doors in the event of a nuclear attack on the city – the video’s authors ask not to ask why or how this could happen. be.

“Today, the New York City Department of Emergency Management released a new announcement focusing on preparedness for a nuclear incident. While the likelihood of a nuclear weapons incident in or around New York City is very low, it’s important for New Yorkers to know how to stay safe,” the department said. it says on the website.

The video simulates a situation where the “Big Apple is shot”. “Don’t ask me why or how,” says the woman in the black suit.

A woman asks New Yorkers to remember three important steps. “Quick hide inside,” she says. In this case, you need to move away from the windows. “Staying in the car is not an option,” the woman says. Stay inside, close all doors and windows, and take cover if there’s a basement.

For step two, the woman says, “If you’re outside after the blast, you need to clean up right away.” According to him, to “keep radioactive dust … out of the body,” you need to take off all clothes and put them in polyethylene.

“Step three: Stay tuned, follow the news. Don’t go outside until the authorities say it’s safe,” he says.

Source: Ria

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