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Post: National Reconciliation Conference in Libya under African auspices


Hassan Al-Werfal (Benghazi, Cairo)

The African Union announced plans to hold an inclusive conference between Libyan parties for comprehensive national reconciliation.
The date comes as the French capital hosts a meeting next Thursday to discuss ways to resolve the political stalemate in Libya and reach a consensus to hold elections on a constitutional basis.
The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Wahida Al-Ayari, confirmed that the Libyan Union High Level Committee intends to hold an inclusive conference for comprehensive national reconciliation, stressing that Libyans will determine its agenda. Libya Conference under African auspices. Al-Ayari suggested that the conference would be an additional path should the current path fail, explaining that the African Union focuses on national reconciliation and supports the current political path taken by the international group at the “Berlin 1” conference.
The African official stressed that the issue of Libya has been on the Union’s table since 2011 and that her interest in the issue of migrants is a purely humanitarian issue.
He stressed that neighboring African countries and European countries are affected by what is happening in Libya with the presence of mercenaries, weapons and illegal immigration.
Meanwhile, the French capital Paris will host an Arab-led meeting on Libya next Thursday to discuss ways to resolve the political impasse and build consensus on the constitutional foundations necessary for holding presidential and legislative elections. The source confirmed to “Unión”.
A diplomatic source indicated that France wants to take the initiative in the near future and propose a political solution after the failure of the December 24 elections, in addition to some Libyan elements pulling the Libyan army. The source stressed that Paris fears the reduction of the European role in Libya in the near future amid the polarization between Russia and the United States, which has a negative impact on the situation in Libya, and explains that the French measure tries to be a main actor. on the Libyan stage following the recent decline of Paris’ role.
For her part, the advisor to the UN Secretary General in Libya, Stephanie Williams, called on the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Supreme Council of State to overcome their differences over the presidential elections to allow Libyans to elect their first president in the country. . history, emphasizing the need for all parties to agree to avoid a national No Progress vision and to rely on a UN-facilitated process to prevent the erosion of power.
In a televised interview, Williams revealed that he has offered international mediation between the Government of National Unity led by Abdel Hamid Dabaiba and parliament’s prime minister candidate Fati Bashagha to advance the political process, explaining that attention now turns to reconstruction of the electoral roadmap, in addition to highlighting the constitutional framework necessary for holding elections, which is a common factor between the Chamber of Deputies and the Supreme Council of the State, he said.

Source: Al Ittihad

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