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Post: British government held emergency meeting due to extreme heat


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Sky News: British government holds emergency meeting due to extreme heat

MOSCOW, July 16 – RIA Novosti. British government emergency committee Cobra held its second meeting due to extreme heat, informs Sky News channel.

The British Meteorological Service on Friday issued a red alert for Monday and Tuesday next week due to heat in the country, the first such case for the UK. According to weather forecasts, thermometers can rise above 40 degrees. The highest temperature ever recorded in the country was 38.7 degrees.

It is pointed out that the fourth level of danger announced by the British Health Agency (UKHSA) due to heat, is that the heat wave is so strong or long-lasting that it can cause illness and death even in healthy people who are not at risk.

In addition, Sky News, quoting a spokesperson from Downing Street, said rail traffic would be restricted in parts of the network “to prevent any possible damage”. In addition, as the TV channel noted, a number of schools in the southern part of the country may be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Previously in the UK, the number of fires and other incidents increased due to the ongoing heat wave. In particular, a military training ground caught fire, and the work of the key air force base of the British Air Force “Cranwell” in Lincolnshire was suspended due to the softened pavement of the runway.

In addition, firefighters have extinguished more than 50 fires in eastern England, where it has not rained for several weeks. The heat also started to melt the asphalt on one of the main roads.

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