Post: Hamshahri wrote that Saudi Arabia will not comply with Biden’s demands towards Russia.

The Royal Tower in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Archive photo

Hamshehri: Saudi Arabia will not violate agreements with Russia, contrary to Biden’s demands

MOSCOW, July 17 – RIA Novosti. Saudi Arabia will not give up on oil production agreements with Russia under OPEC+, despite the demands of US President Joe Biden, declaration In an interview with Middle East expert Hossein Ruygun Hamshahri.

The day before, the American leader visited Riyadh to ask the Saudi authorities to increase oil production and thereby reduce the world’s consumption of Russian raw materials.

According to Riyoran, it is not profitable for the Saudis to fulfill the wishes of the USA due to the peculiarities of the economy of the kingdom.

“Now the question is, is it necessary for Saudi Arabia to turn its back on Russia and the OPEC+ agreement? In my opinion, considering Russia is the largest oil producing country, Saudi Arabia can only increase production in very limited quantities, but it will not back down from Russia.” said.

He reminded that low oil production is in Riyadh’s interest, as the kingdom’s income and prosperity are directly related to oil prices and revenue from its sales.

“Muhammad bin Salman is well aware of this. That’s why Saudi Arabia doesn’t really need it. to reduce prices to the level of $ 70-80 per barrel. “Washington needs it, but Riyadh is not interested at all,” he said.

After the start of Russia’s special operation to demilitarize and demilitarize Ukraine, the West has stepped up sanctions pressure on Moscow. Some countries announced the freeze of Russian assets, and calls for the abandonment of Russian energy supplies in Europe were louder. The EU has adopted six sanctions packages, including the coal and oil embargo, among other things.

All this has already become a problem for the West itself, causing a sharp rise in inflation and the prices of food and gasoline. As Vladimir Putin has stated, the policy of controlling and weakening Russia is a long-term strategy of the West, and the sanctions have dealt a serious blow to the entire global economy.

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