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Post: It will be examined whether there are weapons on the ships going to Ukraine


Ukrainian coast guard vessels in the port of Odessa. Archive photo

Inspection groups will inspect whether there are weapons on ships bound for Ukraine

ISTANBUL, July 22 – RIA Novosti. Ships bound for Ukraine would be subject to arms inspection by representatives of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN, laying out the essence of the agreement on lifting restrictions on the supply of Russian products for export, a senior UN official told reporters at a briefing. and on Russian assistance in Ukrainian grain exports.

“The ships going to the ports will be inspected. This will be carried out by the three countries (Russia, Ukraine, Turkey – ed.) and the UN under the control of the Joint Coordination Center. Inspection groups will be formed. Ships will be built. They will be inspected to make sure that no weapons come to Ukraine,” he said.

The representative noted that “Turkey will provide personnel and both sides (Russia and Ukraine – ed.) will be represented”. “So it’s a quadruple inspection,” said a senior UN official.

Source: Ria

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