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Post: Poland refuses to share gas with other EU countries


Poland and European Union flags. Archive photo

Polish climate minister Moscow: Warsaw refuses to share gas with other EU countries

WARSAW, 25 July – RIA Novosti. Polish Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskva said at a press conference that Poland does not accept the sharing of natural gas with other countries of the European Union.

“Tomorrow there will be a meeting in Brussels devoted to energy security and most importantly gas. As you know, our storage facilities are already full. We have safe supplies. All needs are met. Restrictions have been imposed on 11 countries of the European Union that currently have restrictions,” he said.

According to him, Poland does not need to impose any restrictions.

“What the European Commission is proposing is such a new gas solidarity mechanism. What is unacceptable in the European Commission’s proposals is an attempt to impose mandatory mitigation mechanisms,” Moscow said.

According to him, states should not accept such a step, as no one knows what the coming winter will be like. He believes that at present only voluntary mechanisms or savings in individual countries can be discussed.

According to the minister, the proposals of the European Commission do not reach agreement not only in Poland, but also in other EU countries. Among the opponents of the initiative, he chose Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal and Spain. In addition, Moscow added that the ideas of the EC were drawn “on the knee”.

On 20 July, the European Commission proposed a new regulation on coordinated measures to reduce gas demand. It includes the introduction of initial voluntary targets for all EU member states to reduce gas demand by 15 percent from 1 August 2022 to 31 March 2023. This corresponds to 45 billion cubic meters of gas. The European Commission’s recommendations must be approved by a qualified majority of EU countries in the European Council before they come into force. Energy ministers will discuss the proposal in Brussels on Wednesday.

Source: Ria

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