Post: Germany predicted to lose its lead in EU

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Bloomberg journalist Tadeo predicted Germany losing its leadership position in the EU

MOSCOW, July 29 – RIA Novosti. Germany is losing its dominant position in the European Union, author In an article by journalist Maria Tadeo for Bloomberg.

This is due to the energy crisis that arose as a result of the sanctions campaign against Russia.

“For more than a decade Berlin has held the highest moral and financial power and authority in the European Union, setting its policies and acting as bad cop against the weaker economies of southern European countries. The energy crisis has changed things.” it says broadcast.

Tadeo believes that Germany may lose its leadership position today to the southern countries of the European Union. According to the journalist, the main disadvantage of the German economic model was its dependence on Russia.

“As Berlin recovers from the shock, the south of Europe is becoming more active and assertive. This is not revenge for the austerity regime imposed by Germany, but a realignment of forces that can ultimately heal the European Union,” Tadeo said.

Earlier, DWN wrote that the current energy crisis has caused an “overwhelming decision” for the future of the German economy. German lawmaker Sarah Wagenknecht, a former leader of the Left Party’s parliamentary faction, said in turn that Berlin must stop the economic war against Moscow because it cannot survive without Russia’s energy.

After Russia’s special military operation to demilitarize and demilitarize Ukraine, the West increased its sanctions pressure on Moscow. Some countries announced the freeze of Russian assets, many brands left Russia, calls to give up Russian energy supplies in Europe increased even more. But all this has already become a problem for the West itself, causing a sharp rise in inflation and the price of food and gasoline.

In addition, Europe is experiencing gas shortages on the eve of the new heating season. Against the background of the Nord Stream gas pipeline being shut down for maintenance, some countries have expressed fears that pumping will not resume at all.

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