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Post: Media: A closed trailer with hundreds of migrants dumped on highway in Mexico


Immigrants, Mexico Archive photo

Azteca: Caravan of about 400 people dumped on highway in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, 29 July – RIA Novosti. Smugglers left a closed trailer with about 400 people on the highway, local residents helped them get out, knowledgeable Aztec TV channel.

“Smugglers left a caravan on the Acayucan-Sayula de Alemán highway in the south of the state of Veracruz, in which about 400 migrants were illegally transported,” the TV channel said in a news report.

The settlers, rescued from the steel body, began to break the roof of the trailer, saying that they were out of air. Neighborhood residents who came to the noise helped them get out.

According to media reports, most of the illegal immigrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Venezuela and Haiti fled the scene. Law enforcement and immigration representatives who came to the scene helped 93 people, 12 of whom were hospitalized.

Health officials told reporters that some of the migrants were unconscious due to dehydration, hypertension and other complications. Some of the victims broke their legs after jumping from a height of 4 meters.

Trailer passengers said that they boarded the plane in the state of Chiapas on the border with Guatemala, where the main migration route from Central America passes, and they expect to travel approximately 2,000 kilometers to the city of Nuevo Laredo on the US border.

At the end of June, 51 people drowned in an abandoned trailer in Texas. Those in the back were immigrants from Central America and the Caribbean.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection detected approximately 1.4 million illegal immigrants at the Mexican border during the 9 months of the current fiscal year, which began in October.

Source: Ria

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