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Post: UK defense minister backs Truss’ candidacy for prime minister


British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace. Archive photo

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace supports Liz Truss for prime minister

MOSCOW, July 29 – RIA Novosti. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace supported the candidacy of Foreign Secretary Liz Truss for the post of Conservative Party leader and prime minister.

In a Times column, he described Truss as “the only candidate” with enough experience to lead the nation from day one. According to the head of the Department of Defense, he supports Truss because he “directly and always says what he thinks”.

“I’ve sat next to him in cabinet meetings, bilateral meetings, and international summits. He always holds his ground,” said Wallace.

Last week, the fifth round of voting by MPs from the Conservative Party took place in the UK to elect its leader, who will also become the country’s prime minister. According to their results, two candidates reached the final of the election race – Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

In total, 11 parliamentarians have previously declared their desire to run for the role of leader of the Conservatives and Prime Minister of the UK, nine of whom were eliminated in the previous rounds.

In the final round, the winner of the two finalists will be chosen by all members of the party, which today is about 200 thousand. Voting will be by post and will end on September 2 at 17:00 local time. Results are expected to be announced on September 5, when parliament starts working again after the summer recess.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who replaced Theresa May as Prime Minister in 2019, announced on 7 July that he was leaving his post as prime minister and Conservative Party leader. This comes amid a scandal over the reassignment of Christopher Pincher, the UK’s former Assistant Secretary of State for European and US Affairs, to a new post despite reports of harassment on his part.

Source: Ria

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