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Post: Due to the bacteria, Italian authorities prevent swimming in several places


Italian authorities have banned swimming in 28 places in the northern regions of the Adriatic coast (northeast) for exceeding the limits of the presence of the bacteria known as “Escherichia coli” or colon germ.

Relevant authorities forced citizens to dive in specific areas and banned other areas after test results showed a wide spread of this bacterium, which is a type of microbe that lives in the intestines of mammals.

The results of the investigations, which included almost a hundred points, showed that 26 affected sites are concentrated on the coast of the Romanian Riviera on the Adriatic Sea, considered one of the most popular summer tourist attractions in Italy. .

According to the World Health Organization, symptoms of illness caused by the bacteria Escherichia coli include cramping and diarrhea, which in some cases can progress to bloody diarrhea.

One of the main causes of infection by this bacterium is its passage from feces into the blood. This usually happens if the water is contaminated with faeces, in many areas it is caused by mixing sewage with drinking water, which has caused several injuries.

The germ can be transmitted to humans if the food they eat is contaminated with faeces. This happens due to neglecting personal hygiene, especially after a person leaves the bathroom and touches food with dirty hands. Many cases of infection with this bacterium have been reported in restaurants.

Source: EuroNews

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