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Post: Media: Ukraine does not allow the head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry to enter the country because of his visit to Crimea


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EP: Ukraine does not allow the new head of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aju Labib, to enter the country due to his visit to Crimea

MOSCOW, July 30 – RIA Novosti. Ukraine has so far refused the request of the new head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry, Aji Labib, to visit the country due to his visit to Crimea. author publication “The European Truth”.

The author of the article, Sergei Sidorenko, claims that in 2021 he attended the Global Values ​​festival in Sevastopol as a journalist. According to him, the diplomat “should apologize to Kiev.”

“When he returned, he also resorted to statements that cast doubt on the fact that Crimea belongs to Ukraine,” Sidorenko said.

The observer noted that after returning to Belgium, Lyabib told reporters that he “had come to Crimea illegally”.

In the article, the journalist, who avoided answering the question of whether he considered Crimea as Ukraine or Russia, recalled his trip to Crimea with the words “I went to Russia”.

Sidorenko believes Lyabib is trying to ignore the accusations and describes the trip as “part of journalistic activity” on social networks. According to him, by law, Ukraine should fine him and ban him from entering for three years.

“As this trip took place prior to Labib’s appointment as minister and as part of his work at the time, the State Department will refrain from making any comments,” a State Department spokesperson told Water Pools AP.

Sidorenko argued that Ukraine “has no right to tolerate such acts as it would set a dangerous precedent”.

Source: Ria

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