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Post: Pushkov considered the possibility of a direct military confrontation between the USA and China


Senator Alexei Pushkov. Archive photo

Senator Pushkov has called for a possible conflict between the United States and China over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

MOSCOW, July 30 – RIA Novosti. An open confrontation between the US and China over the visit of House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan is unlikely, but not out of the question. telegram channel Senator Alexei Pushkov.

“Are the US and China now ready for a real war, not just a war of words and military maneuvers? How much does each of the two countries need such a war? And is the visit of an elderly congress speaker reason enough? For that? To all three questions? I also give a negative answer, which does not completely exclude the possibility of a military conflict,” he explained.

Previously, it was learned that the US Air Force private plane taking off towards Asia had landed in Hawaii at Honolulu airport.

On the eve of the American media wrote that Pelosi went on an Asian tour, during which she will visit Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. The Taiwan visit was also assumed to occur, but Pelosi declined to comment on this information, citing security requirements.

The speaker’s Asia tour was scheduled for April and was supposed to visit Taiwan at the same time, but Pelosi canceled the trip because she contracted the coronavirus. The media claim that Chinese diplomats are actively working to convey to US congressmen the undesirable situation of visiting the island.

Beijing stated that in the event of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, decisive and effective measures will be taken to protect the state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and that the United States will be fully responsible for all serious consequences. Taiwan positions itself as a separate state, but China officially considers it its own province and insists on the “one China policy” around the world. The United States officially adheres to this principle, but in fact not only actively contacts the island, but also regularly supplies weapons there.

Source: Ria

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