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Post: China proposes way to ‘cool down tensions’ between UN Security Council members


UN Security Council. Archive photo

China will turn on the air conditioner less often in the UN Security Council hall in August, fans will be distributed to those present

UN, 2 August – RIA Novosti. China’s representatives, who presided over the UN Security Council in August, promised to turn on the air conditioner in the Security Council building less frequently as a symbolic gesture in the fight against global warming, while the Chinese side will scatter fans. Members of the UN Security Council, Zhang Jun, Permanent Representative of the People’s Republic of China to the UN, said at a briefing.

The Permanent Representative showed the audience a traditional Chinese fan.

“Hopefully, with this fan, we will lower the global temperature and reduce the tension and emotional communication between Security Council members,” said Zhang Jun.

“We also recommended using less active air conditioning in the SB room. It’s a small but symbolic step in the right direction. We recommend that gentlemen not wear ties if the room is too hot,” he added.

Source: Ria

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