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Post: 16 people die when a bus crashes into a cliff in Peru


Sixteen people, including children, were killed in Peru when their bus fell 200 meters into an abyss, police said.
The accident took place on Saturday between the cities of Mazamare and Puerto Ucuba in the jungle of the Junín (central) region.
“We have a toll of 16 dead and one injured after a minibus sank into a 200-meter deep abyss,” a Mazamare police spokesman told AFP.
According to the same source, the peasants who “went to work on their machamba” were in the minibus. Among the corpses of police and firefighters, in addition to the bus driver, there are children, women and the elderly.
One passenger survived but was taken to Gonen Hospital with injuries.
Authorities have opened an investigation into the incident.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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