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Post: Japan says China’s reaction to Pelosi’s visit may be stronger than expected


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives. Archive photo

Japanese experts believe China’s reaction to Pelosi’s visit may be stronger than expected

TOKYO, August 2 – RIA Novosti. Japanese experts in American politics and international relations believe that China’s response to the visit of Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, to Taiwan may be more serious than the American side expected, and that the trip itself may be “one of a kind”. Xi Jinping is the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China (CCP).

So, while Yoshikazu Kato, a China expert and columnist at Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute, commented on an article about Pelosi’s possible visit to Taiwan, so far, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson has said that in the case of Pelosi’s visit from China. He noted that he had repeatedly warned of a decisive response. Therefore, Taiwan realized that “of course, the Chinese army is not content to sit and watch”.

“On the night of Beijing, July 28, President Xi Jinping had a direct meeting with President (US Joe. – Approx. ed.) Biden. Should the Taiwan visit (Pelosi. – Approx. ed.) take place, U.S.-China relations will have an unprecedented strategic turn over the past few years. Even if the incident itself was not “unprecedented,” given its evolution into conflict and mutual distrust, the severity of the crisis may be unprecedented since the normalization of relations between the PRC and the United States in 1979,” Cato said.

According to him, at the moment “the focus should be on China’s actions, not its words.”

“Will the actions be unprecedented or not, and what will happen? I believe this could be a unique test of the political results of the Xi Jinping administration, because in about 100 days a political congress will be held every five years,” he added.

By contrast, Kenji Minemura, a journalist for the Asahi newspaper and visiting professor at Aoyama Gakuin University, believes that China’s reaction to the upcoming congress may be more serious than the US expected.

“Apparently referring to the fact that (former) Speaker of the US House of Representatives (Newt) Gingrich made a trip (to Taiwan. – Noted.) 25 years ago, the US government decided that the Chinese side would decide. do not interfere In the case of Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, the difference in military power between the US and China is different now than it was then. Moreover, with the Communist Party Congress in less than three months, Mr. Xi Jinping is most vulnerable. I believe the diplomatic and military response may be beyond what the United States expects.”

Pelosi’s Asia tour, which will take her to Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia, comes with increased global attention following reports of her plans to visit Taiwan. If the visit to the Chinese island takes place despite Beijing’s protests, it will be the first visit by a US House of Representatives spokesperson since 1997. The US administration, warned by the Chinese president of the “burn risks of playing with fire”, assured Beijing of its adherence to the “one China” policy, but shied away from a possible visit, saying the speaker made the decisions himself. Taiwanese media reported that he could come to the island on Tuesday and meet with the island administration’s leadership on Wednesday. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not confirm these reports.

The PRC considers the island its own province and always opposes any contact between Taipei representatives and current officials, especially senior officials or the military of countries with which Beijing has diplomatic relations.

News of a possible visit to the island by Pelosi, whom Beijing calls the third most important official in the US government, received a very negative reaction from China, as expected. China’s Foreign Ministry said that if Pelosi visits Beijing Island, it will definitely take decisive and effective measures to protect the state’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and that the United States will be fully responsible for all the serious consequences this will entail. At the same time, China’s official departments did not specify what kind of decisive measures they are talking about.

Source: Ria

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