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Post: Biden has no plans to negotiate with Putin and Xi Jinping yet


US President Joe Biden. Archive photo

In the United States, they announced that no disclosure was made regarding Biden’s contacts with Putin and Xi Jinping.

WASHINGTON, August 4 – RIA Novosti. John Kirby, strategic communications coordinator for the US National Security Council, said US President Joe Biden has nothing to disclose about his contacts with his counterparts from Russia or China.

During a briefing at the White House, Biden was asked if he plans to speak personally with Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping to agree a prisoner exchange or de-escalate tensions on Taiwan, respectively.

Kirby said, “As with President Xi, about President Putin…

He urged Russia to accept the “good and fair” offer sent to him regarding the release of Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan. Kirby refused, saying he did not see the Russian response as a “counteroffer”.

Source: Ria

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