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The State Department said NATO will soon begin to justify the use of nuclear weapons.

Testing a thermonuclear explosive device. Archive photo

Diplomat Belousov: NATO countries will soon begin to justify any use of nuclear weapons

UN, 11 August – RIA Novosti. In his speech at the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, the deputy head of the Russian delegation, Andrei Belousov, said that in the future NATO countries can be expected to justify the use of nuclear weapons.

He pointed to NATO’s final designation of the status of a nuclear military-political bloc, and “this was stated directly in the final declaration of the alliance’s Madrid summit.”

“The NPT community has not yet analyzed the consequences of this situation, which forces us to look differently at the situation of non-nuclear members of the bloc, especially those on whose territory American nuclear weapons are deployed. In this regard, Belousov asked the question of how the presence of foreign nuclear weapons and their participation in the nuclear alliance combine with their obligations under the NPT. replied.

According to him, Moscow has long asked a similar question in connection with NATO’s “joint nuclear missions”, in which non-nuclear members of the alliance are actively involved in testing the use of nuclear weapons.

He noted that Moscow has heard more than once statements that this practice does not contradict the NPT and that the conduct of such missions was supposedly accepted at the preparatory stage of the Treaty.

“We see such arguments as nothing more than excuses to justify actions contrary to the fundamental provisions of the NPT, which is considered the cornerstone of international security,” Belousov said. said.

“If we summarize all these facts, then the result shows that in the future NATO member states can be expected to justify any use of nuclear weapons. By the way, there is every reason for such an outcome,” the diplomat said. said.

He explained that US doctrinal documents stipulate the use of nuclear weapons under the pretext of threatening their vital interests or those of their allies.

“An analysis of this thesis leads to the conclusion that the United States has reserved the ability to use nuclear weapons at any time, for any reason and against any state, declaring that only its vital interests are affected. And this is the real threat of the United States from a nuclear war. “Especially considering the fact that the United States is the only state to implement its nuclear arsenal,” he said.

Belousov reminded that Russia’s attempts to reduce tensions between the USA and the Russian Federation at the end of 2021 and to make the situation in Europe and the world more stable and predictable were not met with neither support nor understanding. States and their NATO allies.

Source: Ria



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