Post: Biden suddenly flew on vacation to an island in the Atlantic

US President Joe Biden boarded the plane. Archive photo

US President Biden and his family went on an unannounced vacation to Kiawah Island.

WASHINGTON, August 11 – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden arrived with his family on Kiawa Island, South Carolina on Wednesday, where he is expected to spend a seven-day vacation. transmits NBC’s local branch.

According to him, Biden has visited this island on the east coast of the country three times as vice president of the United States, but the current trip is his first as president. In anticipation of the state’s first person to arrive, Kiawa city officials have warned local residents that increased security measures will be implemented across the island in the coming days and there may be traffic jams on the roads.

“The President’s Security Team has contacted all relevant agencies to coordinate efforts to minimize the impact of the President’s visit on public life. In any case, please be patient during traffic disruptions as the President’s actions cannot be announced in advance for security reasons.” , – the channel quotes the description of the island’s authorities.

On Wednesday afternoon, the owner of the White House, his wife Jill Biden, his son Hunter, his wife Melissa Cohen and granddaughter Beau flew a presidential plane from Andrews military base to the port city of Charleston on Kiawa Island. .

So far, the US administration has not confirmed the data on the vacation of the American leader, has not disclosed information about its timing and possible events in which Biden was involved during this period. The island itself, where the presidential family will be located, is famous for its private beaches and golf courses.

The incumbent US president was unable to fully spend the previous summer vacation due to a vote in Congress, the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to the current trip, there was a prolonged illness for Biden, who contracted the coronavirus two weeks ago and later recovered but later tested positive again. On Wednesday, despite a negative test, Biden continued to reassure the public that he was feeling fine as he repeatedly interrupted his speech due to a cough.

Source: Ria

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