WorldThe West has described the United States as a...

The West has described the United States as a “mad gerontocracy” and a banana republic.


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After US President Joe Biden crashed on a plane. Archive photo

Audience: The USA has become a “crazy gerontocracy” and looks like a banana republic

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MOSCOW, August 14 – RIA Novosti. Chinese leader Xi Jinping sees the United States not only as a declining superpower, but also as a gerontocracy that has finally gone mad. declaration Freddie Gray, columnist for the British magazine The Spectator, points out that the United States is close to a banana republic. similar opinion expression and American Conservative writer Frank DeVito.

Among the signs of the collapse of the United States, Gray cited, in his view, the failure of the 82-year-old Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, to visit Taiwan, as well as another “blunder” of the Americans. Leader Joe Biden, who couldn’t put on his jacket and dropped his glasses after visiting Kentucky.

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Against this background, Gray points out that the homicide rate in the United States is skyrocketing and the issue of infant formula supply for infants has yet to be resolved.

“In the world’s most advanced capitalist economy, such problems should not exist in principle. But, as Xi noted, America is rapidly going mad in many ways,” the author of the material writes.

Gray noted that the United States is not a banana republic, but “very similar to a banana republic.” In this context, he cited as an example searches made at the residence of former President Donald Trump, which could cost him the opportunity to participate in the next election. At the same time, the author reminded that the house of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who violated the rules of correspondence, was searched and the State Department investigation found her innocent.

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“So Monday’s raid appears to be, indeed, an act of political intimidation inherent in the dictatorships of the developing world, as Trump himself claims. It is also a desperate attempt to find something that will prevent Trump from running for president in 2024. ” Gray writes.

Lawyer Frank DeVito, in his article for The American Conservative, compared the USA’s banana republic in the context of calls in Trump. “Any attempt to block Donald J. Trump’s re-election through tactics chosen by the FBI and the Justice Department is unconstitutional and will further undermine public confidence in our federal institutions,” he said.

The lawyer added that if he wants to prevent Trump from becoming president in 2024, he must “stop desperately attacking him and looking for loopholes against him.”

“Instead, they should let the American people make their choices, and they can reject Trump’s candidacy in a pre-election campaign or general election if they wish. Let’s stop acting like a banana republic and be worthy of the greatness of our Constitution,” the author summarized.

Searching Trump’s mansion

On Monday evening, Trump said his Mar-a-Lago property was searched by FBI agents. The former president added that FBI agents did not allow anyone, including lawyers, to be present during the searches. Attorney General Merrick Garland said on Thursday that he had personally allowed a lawsuit to be filed for a search warrant, the decision was not easy but justified. On Friday afternoon, the United States declassified a search warrant for Trump’s property.

As the Wall Street Journal wrote on Friday, FBI agents seized 11 sets of classified documents during searches of the former president’s mansion, and about 20 boxes of documents, photographs and notes were also taken from there. Among the seized papers was an amnesty for Roger Stone, Trump’s former adviser.

Trump said earlier that there was no need for FBI agents to search his property in Florida. According to the former president of the United States, all documents seized by the feds have been declassified, in addition, he claims that he is ready to voluntarily hand them over to the authorities.

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Source: Ria

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