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Post: In Moldova’s Gagauz Autonomous Region, the protest almost ended in a fight.


Protest action in Chisinau, Moldova. Archive photo

The protest against rising prices in Moldova’s Gagauz Autonomous Region almost ended in a fight.

KISINAU, 14 August – RIA Novosti. In the south of Moldova, in the Gagauz city of Vulcanesti, during the protest, almost a fight broke out between its participants, the police had to intervene in the actions of the protesters, as a result of which the organizers of the action declared it. blocked, RIA Novosti reporter reports.

Moldova faced an unprecedented rise in prices at the end of the spring. The National Bureau of Statistics announced that the average annual inflation was 29.05% in May. Prices of foodstuffs increased by 32.5%, non-food products – by 21.45%, services provided to the population – by 35.27%. The opposition blamed the government and the ruling Action and Solidarity party for the economic crisis in the country. The protest actions that started in Chisinau continued in other settlements of the republic, including the Gagauz autonomy.

On Sunday, another rally was held in the city of Vulcanesti against the rising prices. The action was posted online on social networks.

Speakers criticized the country’s leadership, accusing the government of being inactive in the face of rising prices. The action was attended by residents of the city, public names of Vulkanest and other settlements of the autonomy, as well as some deputies of the Gagauzian People’s Assembly (local parliament).

At one point, there was a verbal confrontation between the speakers, which almost ended in a fight. One of the speakers said that if the leader of the Party of Socialists, Igor Dodon, as president, had not lost the confidence of the population of the republic, then Maia Sandu (current president of Moldova) would not have won the majority. votes in elections.

NSG lawmakers, who support the Socialist Party, disagreed with Dodon’s criticism, taking the podium to try to distance the speaker and block his access to the microphone. A small brawl broke out, the police came on the scene and did not let the opposing sides get involved in the fight. As a result, the organizers announced the cancellation of the rally.

Vadim Shinik, one of the famous names of Vulcanest, said, “Dear residents of the city, we apologize for everything that happened here. We think that the rally is broken, we will continue our actions in two weeks.” said.

Gagauzia was established in accordance with the law on its special status adopted by the Moldovan Parliament in December 1994. This put an end to the conflict that began in 1990 when the Gagauz declared their republic after the struggle for national revival and Chisinau tried to liquidate it by force. Soviet troops later helped prevent bloodshed.

In 2014, a referendum on autonomy was held on the definition of the country’s foreign policy, more than 98% of respondents spoke in favor of Moldova’s integration into the Customs Union. Chisinau did not recognize the results of the plebiscite and criminal cases were brought against its organizers.

Source: Ria

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