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Post: Foreign Ministry briefed on Afghan special forces who joined the Nazis in Ukraine


Ukrainian soldiers. Archive photo

Diplomat Kabulov: Part of former Afghan special forces joined the Nazis in Ukraine

MOSCOW, August 16 – RIA Novosti. The Special Envoy of the Russian President to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that some of the former Afghan special forces joined the Nazi groups in Ukraine.

At the end of March, a knowledgeable source told RIA Novosti that the American side was preparing to send ex-Afghan National Army soldiers to the war zone in Ukraine.

“By the way, at a recent conference in Tashkent, the representative of Kyrgyzstan said that the Afghan special forces of the previous regime who fled Afghanistan – they ran and sat in large numbers, the Americans and others did not take it. Despite their promise to them – about 110,000 Afghans hang in their homeland and “He is waiting for permission to enter the United States,” he said.

However, they probably won’t let them into America, and the agency’s interlocutor believes this is “absolutely rude American behavior.”

“So these special forces, some of them are joining ISIS* and fighting – both in Iraq and Syria, that’s very predictable, I think as a result we said that this is a repetition of the Iraqi conspiracy which ISIS was formed * And this old special the other part of the forces, like mercenaries, apparently, they were promised money for money, because you have to live on one thing – they join the Ukrainian Nazis. But this is from the Taliban (“Taliban”) ” **. – Approx. ed. ) are in no way connected,” concluded Kabulov.

* Terrorist organization, banned in Russia.

** The movement is under UN sanctions for terrorist activities.

Source: Ria

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