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Post: The mayor of Narva refused to run for parliament because of the dismantling of the T-34 tank.


Narva Mayor Raik announced that he refused to run for parliament due to the dismantling of the T-34 tank.

HELSINKI, 16 August – RIA Novosti. Mayor of Narva Katri Raik stated To the state broadcast portal ERR, who refused to run for the Estonian parliamentary election after the government decided to dismantle the T-34 tank monument and other Soviet monuments in the city.

“I will not run. This is my mood lately. I will not run for either one party or the other. Now I am only trying to work for the good of Narva. Now they sit together in the same hall with the people who have made such a decision (about the dismantling of the tank. – Approx. ed.), ‘ said the mayor.

In December 2020, Raik gave up his council seat to serve as mayor of Narva.

The dismantling of the T-34 tank and six other Soviet monuments began in the city this morning, by decision of the Estonian government. The tank has already been removed from the pedestal and loaded on a military trailer that will take it to the military museum in the village of Viimsi, near Tallinn.

All over Estonia, Soviet monuments are being demolished at the insistence of Prime Minister Kai Kallas. In early August, he called for them to be dismantled as soon as possible, citing safety concerns.

The mayor of Narva opposed the transfer of the tank, as this monument is part of the identity of the Russian-speaking population of the city. The city meeting could not resolve this issue and postponed it, after which the government made its decision.

The memorial tank was erected in Narva in 1970, where in July 1944 the Red Army units under the command of General Fedyuninsky crossed the Narova River, broke through the Nazi defenses and liberated the city.

Source: Ria

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