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Post: China criticizes half-year work of US ambassador to Beijing


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China edition of Global Times criticizes half-year work of US ambassador in Beijing

BEIJING, AUGUST 22 – RIA Novosti. During his half-year in office, US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns has not shown particularly deep and wise thinking on bilateral relations and has not played his part in promoting rational decisions about China in Washington. author In an editorial for the Chinese state-run Global Times on Monday.

In an interview with CNN earlier, Burns said that because of the visit of US House of Representatives spokesperson Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the United States does not believe there will be a crisis in relations between Washington and Beijing, and Beijing said that “currently China” is “now ‘ he stated. must convince the rest of the world that it will act peacefully in the future.”

The publication states that Burns, who is widely known as a diplomat with long experience, took over the US embassy in Beijing after the post was vacant for a year and five months, and Sino-US relations are at their lowest point, in his own words. . since 1972.

The newspaper added that he was appointed during the crisis but showed no deeper and wiser thinking about his activities in the past six months, especially this television interview, China-US relations and great power. He engaged in more politics than some other Washington politicians and did not play the necessary role in promoting rational decisions about China in Washington.

“I have to say it was very disappointing,” the authors of the article said.

The publication said that in the past six months as the Chinese ambassador, Burns has been more arrogant at various US online conferences than his active efforts to fix China-US relations on issues related to China. It is emphasized that he is more busy discussing how to deal with China with the agencies of the US allies in China, rather than developing friendly relations with representatives of various segments of society in China.

The authors of the article note that Burns’ condition shows that Washington has become one big paint barrel, and the number of people who can stay unscathed from the mud is dwindling.

“U.S. rationality towards China is increasingly eroding, and being tough on China has become the least risky and cheapest option for Burns,” the newspaper added.

It is emphasized that Burns has repeatedly criticized China’s domestic policy, including the Taiwan issue, as well as cases related to Xinjiang and Hong Kong.

The authors warned Washington that the Chinese people will not turn a blind eye to US behavior that crosses the line, so once again do not criticize China’s “overreaction”.

The Global Times has a view that Burns has limited range of action in the current environment, “to some extent this is true, but being limited means nothing.”

In fact, the authors of the article pointed out that at this important historical stage, the initiative and special importance of the US Ambassador to China should not be underestimated, adding that a large number of people are currently breaking bridges in Sino-American relations. and few help build these bridges, and the situation will only get worse if even the US ambassador to China participates in its demolition.

The US Senate approved Burns as ambassador to China on December 17, 2021, but he did not arrive in Beijing until March 5 this year. Burns is a career diplomat who served as a US State Department spokesperson, then Ambassador to Greece, Permanent Representative to NATO, and Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs at the State Department. He has worked in lobbying and specialist organizations since 2008, most recently chairing the Aspen Strategy Group. Burns was also a foreign policy adviser in the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

Source: Ria

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