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Post: The “Immortal Regiment” procession took place in the capital of Ecuador


Participants of the action “Immortal Regiment”. archive photo

More than a hundred people attended the “Immortal Regiment” parade in Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

BUENOS AIRES, 8 May – RIA Novosti. More than 100 people attended the “Immortal Regiment” parade in Ecuador’s capital, Quito, Russia’s Latin American country, Vladimir Sprinchan, told RIA Novosti.

“Everything went well. More than 100 people attended the event,” he said.

Graduates of Russian and Soviet universities, compatriots and embassy employees, holding flags and portraits of loved ones, marched on the street near the Russian embassy in Quito in memory of the people who defended their homeland during the Great Patriotic War.

Sprinchan added that the security at the event was provided by the police, but everything went well.

In addition, embassy staff took part in the international “Garden of Memory” action.

Source: Ria

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