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Post: More than 350 people marched the “Immortal Regiment” through the streets of Caracas


Participants of the action “Immortal Regiment”. archive photo

Russians and Venezuelans held the “Immortal Regiment” march in Caracas for the first time this Saturday.

CARACAS, 7 May – RIA Novosti. This Saturday, Russians and Venezuelans held the first Immortal Regiment march in Caracas in memory of relatives, participants and victims of the Great Patriotic War.

“In Caracas, we celebrate this wonderful holiday with our Venezuelan brothers to commemorate our ancestors who died in the war against Nazism,” Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Sergei Melik-Bagdasarov, who attended the parade, told RIA Novosti.

The action began in front of the headquarters of the Attorney General on Los Ilustres Avenue, from there a group of people carrying portraits of their relatives – those who had participated in the war – marched to Paseo Los Proceres. According to the Russian embassy, ​​the number of participants in the regiment exceeded 350 people.

“I have the best impressions of this action, it’s clear that everybody participates in Russia, but the local march is extraordinary. This is a joint march of friendship between Russians and Venezuelans,” said Mikhail Makeev, a Russian living in Venezuela. He told the agency for 15 years.

In a conversation with an RIA Novosti journalist, Deputy Foreign Minister of Venezuela Rander Peña noted that the heroes of the Great Patriotic War continue their struggle for the benefit of humanity.

“We celebrate this history, which is important not only for Russia, but also for humanity, and we respectfully commemorate the heroes of not only Russia, but all humanity, who gave their lives for life and peace against fascism. 77 years ago, these heroes gave us a new life in the Great Patriotic War. gave,” he said.

Along with the procession as part of the Victory Day celebrations, the leading Venezuelan TV channel VTV will show Soviet and Russian films about the war, and in mid-May the “Garden of Memory” action will be held in the capital. and regions.

Source: Ria

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