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Post: The ceremony of military honors to the hero of the Great Patriotic War was held in Chisinau.


Ceremony of military honors to the hero of the Great Patriotic War Alexei Polyakov in Chisinau

The ceremony of military honors to the hero of the Great Patriotic War Polyakov took place in Chisinau

KISINAU, 27 August – RIA Novosti. On Saturday, at the military cemetery of the “Eternity” memorial complex in Chisinau, a ceremony was held to give military and Orthodox honors to the Red Army soldier, Alexei Polyakov, hero of the Great Patriotic War, who died in August on the Sherpen bridge. 1944, reported Chairman of the National Committee “Victory”, the head of the search movement Alexei Petrovich.

The remains of the hero were discovered by Moldovan search engines in February of this year.

“Before he was sent to the Voronezh region for burial in their homeland, dozens of residents of Chisinau, deputies of parliament, representatives of the diplomatic troops of Russia and Belarus came to say goodbye to the heroic savior,” Petrovich wrote on his Telegram channel. “Soldier of Victory”.

The head of the search movement noted that veterans from the Moldovan Officers’ Union and the War Veterans’ Union in Afghanistan confer military honors on the hero. Orthodox honors were bestowed by a council of military priests led by Archimandrite Nicholas.

“The remains of the Red Army soldier Polyakov were handed over to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Moldova for later delivery to their homeland,” Petrovich said. said.

Earlier, in an interview with an RIA Novosti correspondent, the head of the Pobeda National Committee said that this year the remains of 19 Soviet soldiers were reburied with full honor. On the eve of May 9, with the support of the Russian Embassy, ​​the remains of the Red Army veteran Valentina Yercheva, who died in 1944 near the village of Raskaets in the Stefan Voda district, were transferred to the Tula region. .

In August, during the expedition, Moldovan search engines discovered the remains of 9 Red Army soldiers, one of whom was awarded the number one award – the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st Degree, from which it was possible to determine the name of the fighter – commander of the rifle platoon of the 1145th rifle regiment of the 353rd rifle division, born in 1915, Belarus young lieutenant Fedor Nikitovich Sotvorenny, a native of the Mogilev region.

Source: Ria

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