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Post: Security Council talked about financing “pacifist” organizations from abroad


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Deputy Patrushev Grebenkin: “pacifist” organizations receive money from abroad

MOSCOW, August 29 – RIA Novosti. The destructive, so-called pacifist organizations operating in Russia and condemning the policy of the country’s authorities have received more than four billion rubles from the USA and its allies since the beginning of 2022, declaration Alexander Grebenkin, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council.

According to him, in the conditions of the military operation in Ukraine, “very few” public structures, media and people became active, criticizing the leadership of the country, “taking collaborative positions and trying to reproduce the so-called pacifist slogans”.

“By the way, this destructive activity is being generously paid out of the pockets of the United States and its allies. For example, they have received more than four billion rubles abroad this year. The main donors are, as before, the United States and Great Britain,” Rossiyskaya said with Gazeta. in the interview.

According to Grebenkin, “individual radical structures and individuals who bought their thirty silvers abroad” tried to organize anti-war protests in February-March of this year. Now, he added, these actions “were isolated and failed to find the support of citizens.”

According to the Security Council, this year 18 representatives and branches of foreign and international non-governmental organizations were liquidated due to repeated violations of Russian law, the activities of 13 organizations from the USA, England, Poland, Ukraine and other countries. It was declared undesirable and banned in Russia. Seven non-profit organizations, 13 legal entities, and 48 individuals are considered foreign agents.

Source: Ria

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