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Post: Demonstrations against Enahda’s corruption in Tunisia


Tunisia (Agencies)

Hundreds of Tunisians demonstrated yesterday in support of President Kai Said and his decision to rewrite the constitution, demanding accountability from the Ennahda Brotherhood and its allies for their involvement in terrorism.
Under the slogan “Save the country, establish a second republic and defend a state”, thousands of Said supporters gathered in the center of the capital, on Habib Bourguiba Street, waving Tunisian flags and slogans such as “Kai Said, you are not just ” . ” and “People want a free presidential system”. Brotherhood – out.” There is no way to be loyal, loyal and retrograde.
Protesters demanded that the Tunisian president be held accountable for his corruption in the run-up to the elections and that the judiciary be purged.
The protesters expressed their indignation at the previous regime and demanded the establishment of a “new republic” free of “fraternity”.
Numerous national parties and organizations supported various political factions in the July 25 route approved by Kai Said and which led to the dissolution of the parliament, controlled by the fraternal movement Enahda.
Ahmed Hammam, one of the organizers of the rally, said: “My message and theirs and everyone joining us from the inside is a clear message which is to accelerate accountability and accelerate implementation.”
Said took over executive power last year before announcing he would run for office and dissolve parliament, and is currently assembling a committee to draft a new constitution, which he plans to pass in the summer.
Said said his steps were necessary to save Tunisia from years of economic stagnation and political paralysis at the hands of a corrupt elite serving its interests.
We want the president to govern alone and we have to be patient with him, we are tired of sharing the pie, everyone wants to be part of the government, we want an individual government and we want to be patient with him and then take responsibility. to him. “For five or six years we no longer want the interest rate rule, people are starving and we also want to bring to justice all those who committed crimes before the State.” “Our demands are that there are men in Tunisia who serve the Tunisian people for whom our grandparents and children sacrificed. Corruption is not to be found in everything,” said Hadi Mansour.
It is worth mentioning that in a recent survey carried out by the Sigma Consai Institute, Said led the Tunisians with a confidence index of 64%.
However, these demonstrations in his support are a challenge for his opponents, who have focused on the so-called “National Salvation Front” and will take away his street and his public card.

Source: Al Ittihad

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