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Post: Supporters of the “Shor” party in Chisinau strike at the presidential palace


Protest action in Chisinau, Moldova. Archive photo

Supporters of the Moldovan opposition party “Shor” held a protest in the center of Chisinau.

KISINAU, September 2 – RIA Novosti. According to the RIA Novosti correspondent, supporters and representatives of the Moldovan opposition party “Shor” entered the presidential palace in Chisinau on strike.

The demonstrators are chanting “Resign!”, “Free Marina Tauber”, “Down with Maia Sandu”.

Dinu Turcanu, the head of the Orhei district, left a rag doll with Sandu’s portrait on the door of the presidential administration building.

“We leave the scarecrow here. Our colleagues are intimidated and persecuted because the authorities fear the protests. We’re not afraid to tell them what we think about them. Down with the government!” – said.

The demonstrators moved from the presidential palace to the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office. According to Turcanu, security forces detained two representatives of the Şor party during the morning searches.

According to Deputy Vadim Fotescu, who represents the opposition union in the parliament, five thousand people from 21 districts of the republic took part in the action.

More people were supposed to come, but transportation was blocked, various intrigues were made so that our fans could not reach the capital,” he said.

In July, the Moldovan Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office searched the homes of activists and supporters of the Shor party in case of illegal financing, then parliament deprived the vice-president of the association, Marina Tauber, of parliamentary immunity, and on July 23 she was detained for 30 days. His supporters described the case as a political cause and declared the persecution of the opposition.

The Shor party was the only political force that officially supported the anti-government protests of the Communists and Socialists Bloc. In June, the party gathered more than 40,000 demonstrators in Chisinau’s main square, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current government. Ilan Shor, the leader of the political force who left the country after a corruption scandal in 2019, has called on his supporters to continue the protests until Tauber’s release and the resignation of the current government.

Moldova is experiencing an energy crisis due to rising energy prices. The central authorities of the republic are trying to supply the country with firewood, coal and fuel oil. In early August, the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) increased the gas tariff for consumers from 18.62 lei per cubic meter to 23 lei (from 96 cents to $1.2). Authorities also announced a 30 percent price increase in September.

Source: Ria

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