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Post: In Gagauzia, Sandu was offered to raise the status of the Russian language in Moldova


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The Gagauzian Parliament proposed to Maia Sandu to raise the status of the Russian language in Moldova.

KISINAU, September 2 – RIA Novosti. Viktor Petrov, Deputy of the People’s Assembly of Gagauzia, head of the socio-political movement “People’s Union of Gagauzia”, ​​suggested to President Maia Sandu to raise the status of the Russian language in Moldova.

Sandu visited the Gagauz autonomy on Friday, meeting with local lawmakers, representatives of local governments, and teachers and students of the local Comrat State University. The President’s visit was widely covered in social networks and the Internet.

“We have an understanding of giving the Russian language the status of a second state language. The additional burden will only affect the authorities. However, citizens should receive oral and written information from the state in the language they speak,” Petrov told Sandu. consists of questions and answers.

The politician noted that for residents of Gagauzia, the Russian language is the main language along with the Gagauz language, and all office work in the country, including autonomy, is carried out in the state language. “For example, every normative act adopted by the NSG needs to be translated from Russian so that it can be transferred to the central authorities in Chisinau. These are expenditures that can be spent on other needs,” Petrov said.

The deputy noted that the authorities in Chisinau often emphasized that Moldova is a state of law. “Yes, we live in a state of law, but the rights of Russian-speaking citizens are violated daily, because office work in Russian is not done more and more often,” Petrov said.

In response, Sandu said the question raised was two-sided. Without stating whether he agreed with the politician’s proposal, Gagauz said, “We will launch a special state program for the study of state language. There is no harassment on national, linguistic or political grounds in Moldova.” said.

Gagauzia is an autonomous regional entity in the south of Moldova. In February 2014, a referendum on autonomy was held on the determination of the vector of the country’s foreign policy. More than 98% of respondents were in favor of Moldova’s integration into the Customs Union, a trade and economic union that then included Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Source: Ria

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