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Post: TAC called three signs of the transformation of the United States into a banana republic


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The American Thinker listed three signs that the United States is turning into a banana republic

MOSCOW, September 3 – RIA Novosti. The USA is turning into a banana republic – a lawless society ruled by monkeys, writes in a column American Thinker Jay Shurk.

The author borrowed such a sharp definition of the term from the satirist Saul Luckman. According to Schurk, modern American society fully corresponds to this definition: almost 80 percent of citizens are confident that they live in conditions of two-tier justice when one law is applied to some and others to others. At the same time, polls have noted low confidence rates in three branches of government: 25 percent for the Supreme Court, 23 percent for the president, and about 7 to 16 percent for Congress, worst among government agencies.

“True: Americans believe that the country is not only lawless, but also ruled by a herd of monkeys! So it’s no secret to them that we live in a banana republic,” the author said.

According to him, three signs testify to this situation. First, the cult of the left and “linguistic manipulation”. Therefore, Shurk criticized modern formulations of medicine and religion – girls are called “vulva holders”, abortions – “reproductive health”, and Christians – fanatics and extremists.

The broadcaster said, “Language manipulation does not allow rational discussion and puts an end to reasonable disagreements. Propaganda distorts the truth so much that truth emerges only with the blessing of the state.”

The second sign is electoral legitimacy and political persecution. The author recalled that before the 2016 election, FBI Director James Comey disclosed Hillary Clinton’s criminal responsibility for storing confidential correspondence on unsecured servers, but at the same time that “no sane prosecutor” would file a lawsuit against her.

The columnist also recalled how the Barack Obama administration’s tax administration was convicted of persecuting members of the conservative party, but that didn’t result in anything serious for the episode. At the same time, former President Donald Trump continues to be followed by the FBI and the Justice Department.

“As a result, Democrats get away with mild condemnation, while Republicans and Trump supporters always get the clown” a drama with blame and a rotten judgment,” added Shurk.

The third sign of transformation into a banana republic is “consent and dependence on government.” The author accused the White House of enslaving the people.

“When the satraps escort you to the banana republic, make a banana cocktail,” the observer said. In summary, he urged readers not to miss a single opportunity to review how corrupt and illegitimate the “vengeful ape elite” that settled in Washington was.

Source: Ria

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