Post: Scientists still warn about the dangers of prepared foods: they cause cancer and death, and men are more susceptible.

Two studies published Wednesday highlight the dangers of eating ultra-processed foods, which can significantly increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer in men. It can also cause heart disease and premature death in both men and women.

Two new studies published in the British medical journal “BMJ”, in which people from the United States and Italy participated, confirmed that consumption of ultra-processed foods (prepared soups, sausages, chips, soft drinks, cookies and ready meals) causes obesity. . , cancer and heart disease Diseases ..

The first study, which followed more than 24,000 adults in Italy, found that those who ate the most ultra-processed foods were more likely to die in general, especially from heart disease, than those in the group who ate the least.

A second study followed more than 200,000 healthcare professionals in the United States aged between 24 and 28 and found that men who ate the most ultra-processed foods over 9 meals a day had a 29% higher risk, on average. The development of colon and rectal cancer in men who ate about three meals a day.

The study found no link between women’s consumption of ultra-processed foods and colorectal cancer, and scientists didn’t know why, but Fang Fang Zhang, lead author of the second study and a cancer epidemiologist, said one theory is that obesity, sex hormones and metabolic hormones in men versus women This is relatively the reason for this difference.

Chang says sex hormones can also have protective benefits. But the result could be an abnormality because most colorectal cancer risk factors are similar for both sexes.

Foods considered “ultra-processed” contain more artificial ingredients than those that are processed by the simple addition of salt, sugar or oil. Ultra-processed foods often contain very few whole ingredients and contain flavorings, colors or other additives.

Source: EuroNews

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