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Post: Pushilin met with Okhlobystin and his family


Ivan Okhlobystin. Archive photo

Pushilin met with actor Ivan Okhlobystin and his family, who came to the DPR

DONETSK, September 5 – RIA Novosti. Denis Pushilin, President of the Donetsk People’s Republic meets With actor Ivan Okhlobystin and his family, who came to the DPR.

“Those who come to us now are usually not allowed by their wives, and Ivan Okhlobystin brought his wife, Oksana, to Donbass. Also his daughter and son-in-law. We talked very warmly. Now people, about helping churches and how faith saves. How the special operation started in time and about who immediately reveals who is friend and foe. This is especially important for culture. As Ivan said, everything fell into place, “Wrote in the Pushhilin Telegram channel.

Okhlobystin starred in the series “Interns”, “Rostov”, “Freud’s Method” in the films “Leg”, “Tsar”, “DMB”, “Down House”, “House of the Sun”, “The Robber Nightingale”. “and others.

Source: Ria

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