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Post: Shor supporters demand release of vice presidents


Residence of the President of Moldova in Chisinau. Archive photo

Supporters of the opposition party “Shor” in Moldova demand the release of the vice president

KISINAU, 7 September – RIA Novosti. In Chisinau, a rally of his supporters RIA is held in front of the district court building, where prosecutors are requesting an extension of the injunction for Marina Tauber, deputy head of the opposition Shor party in Moldova. Novosti reporter reports.

The demonstrators demand Tauber’s release from custody. They are holding banners and urging the authorities to stop persecuting the opposition and to resign President Maia Sandu.

Earlier Wednesday, representatives of the communists and the Shor party took the building of the German embassy in Chisinau on strike, urging Western diplomats to pay attention to the situation regarding the political persecution of the opposition.

In July, the Moldovan anti-corruption prosecutor’s office searched the homes of activists and supporters of the Shor party in case of illegal financing, after which the parliament deprived the vice-president of the political formation of parliamentary immunity, and on July 23 he was detained for 30 days. Members and supporters of the political force declare the political nature of the case in the context of the opposition’s persecution.

The Shor party was the only political force that officially supported the anti-government protests of the bloc of communists and socialists. In June, the party gathered more than 40,000 demonstrators in Chisinau’s main square, expressing their dissatisfaction with the current government. Ilan Shor, the leader of the political force who left the country after a corruption scandal in 2019, urged his supporters to continue the protests until Tauber’s release and the current government’s resignation.

Source: Ria

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