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Post: AfD chief predicts massive protests in Germany


Protests in Germany. Archive photo

The head of the AfD, Krupalla, predicted the largest protests in Germany since 1989.

BERLIN, 8 September – RIA Novosti. Tino Krupalla, head of the opposition right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, expects the biggest protests since 1989 to take place in Germany in the fall and next winter.

“I think this fall and next winter we will see a number of participants in the protests in Germany not seen since 1989,” Krupalla told RIA Novosti.

In 1989, at the beginning of September, a series of mass protests began in East Germany for the change of political leadership and the opening of the borders of the republic. Demonstrations were held in various cities of the GDR on Mondays, and according to some sources, between 1,000 and 320,000 people gathered. The first Monday protest took place in Leipzig.

In September 2022, the AfD also launched its Monday protests, demonstrating their dissatisfaction with rising food and utilities prices in Germany and demanding an end to the economic war, lifting anti-Russian sanctions and commissioning Nord Stream 2. The first actions took place in Leipzig and Magdeburg, including several thousand people.

The Left also announced the start of a protest campaign in September – the party is demanding effective support from the German government for the population in a crisis, legal restrictions on gas and electricity prices, and taxes on excess profits.

Source: Ria

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