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Post: Poland wants to buy Apache attack helicopters from the USA


American attack helicopter CAB AH-64 Apache. Archive photo

Polish Defense Minister Blaszczak: Warsaw wants to buy 96 Apache attack helicopters from the USA

WARSAW, 8 September – RIA Novosti. Deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, Minister of National Defense, said that Poland plans to purchase 96 Apache attack helicopters from the United States.

“We talked about our request to Washington to buy 96 Apache attack helicopters. We want to buy these helicopters for the Polish Army,” said Blashak, broadcast by Polish television.

The Polish minister also said that until the helicopters are delivered, Poland wants to lease the same aircraft from the United States. He will take the production of helicopters, and this time, I demanded that he rent a helicopter in the presence of the US Army,” he said.

“We are starting negotiations. I hope they will be successful soon,” Blaszczak said, adding that the Apache will first be assigned to the 18th Mechanized Division, which will be equipped with American Abrams tanks.

Source: Ria

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