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Post: UAE calls for promotion of culture of tolerance and fight against extremism


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The United Arab Emirates highlighted that the consolidation of a culture of peace is an urgent and necessary necessity, especially in the face of global threats, escalation of conflicts and destruction of peace.
Speaking before the High Level Forum on the Culture of Peace of the General Assembly, Ambassador Mohamed Abu Shehab, Deputy Permanent Representative of State to the United Nations, said that the consolidation of a culture of peace is an urgent and necessary need, especially in case of an outbreak. and global threats such as the coronavirus pandemic that are exacerbating conflict and undermining peace.
He stressed that it makes no sense to speak of a culture of peaceful coexistence if it is not followed by concrete measures to consolidate it in societies.
On the experience of peaceful coexistence in the UAE, Abu Shehab said: “Building and maintaining peaceful societies requires systematic and institutional work, basing tolerance and peaceful coexistence as social values.
Given the dangers of spreading hate speech and inciting violence across borders, we want to work with our regional and international partners to immunize communities and fight misinformation and misinformation, especially online.
He added that “the UAE has therefore adopted this approach in the Security Council, especially in relation to conflicts where hate speech, discrimination and incitement to violence perpetuate them and undermine efforts to resolve them and thus preserve them. international peace”. And security cannot be achieved without spreading the values ​​of tolerance, maintaining human fraternity among peoples.
Speaking at the UN Forum, Ambassador Mohammed Abu Shehab highlighted three areas he considered essential to consolidate a culture of peace:
– First: “Focus on a prevention approach as the best way to build peaceful and secure societies and increase their resilience as the UAE strongly believes in the need to immunize our people against the threat of extremism and raise public awareness , even the media and social networks. Media platforms to amplify moderate voices, expose misleading messages and update educational curricula must also be reshaped to create generations that embrace and respect peace, religious and cultural diversity.
Second: “Recognizing the importance of social justice and its close connection with the establishment of peace and the consolidation of its culture and the elimination of tensions between the members of society. Achieving and maintaining social justice and its sovereignty requires the empowerment of government institutions, especially the judiciary. as the main bodies responsible for the security, protection and stability of societies”.
Third: “Building a comprehensive peace requires the empowerment and involvement of all actors in society, especially at the local level”. For example, the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in all stages of the peace process is essential to ensure its sustainability, and empowering young people and involving them in decision-making processes and listening to their ideas helps to strengthen cohesion. community and religious leaders. They can also play an important role in this area if they are engaged in dialogue and trained to combat extremists and misconceptions. Help stop the exploitation of religion to incite hatred and violence.
At the end of his speech, Ambassador Mohammed Abu Shehab affirmed the UAE’s firm commitment to a comprehensive and coordinated response to the demands of promoting a culture of peace based on national values ​​and experiences, including the implementation and cooperation of the Declaration of Nations United Kingdom. . Action Program on Culture of Peace.

Source: Al Ittihad

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